Humane Society of Burnett County
Humane Society of Burnett County
Humane Society of Burnett County

HSBC's Members




Anderson, Marylin & Roger

Austin, Julie & Steve

Brennan, Mary

Dietzler, Bruce & Joan

Domino, Jo

Groves, James & Kathy

Hayes, Bev

McIvor, Mike & Arlis

Meister, Diane

Miller, Grace & Neil

Miller, Thomas

Moore, Evie & Ned

Rozeske, Jean

Schwickerath, Laura

Speer, Betty

Webster Ace Hardware

Whiteside, Barbara & Mark




Patron Members

Amidon, Donna

Cunningham, Pam & Rick

Edaburn, Dan & Trista

Erickson, Betty

Evenson Family

Flanigan, R. Jean

Hartho, Sharon & Tom

Hegge, Brian

Johnson, Barb

Jurenec, Greg

Kaase, Terry

Krueger, Shirley A.

Main, Vicki

McMurray, Sherri & Mike

Moore, Ned & Evie

Mosley, Annette L

Schmuck, Richard & Linda

Sexton, Grace

Spease, Sonya

Taren, Patricia

Thompson, Mary Anne & Rick

Whiteside, Barbara & Mark


Benefactor Members

Cummings, Kay

Goblirsch, Mike & David

Psiborg Productions

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The Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc. helps hundreds of animals each year. Without your donation, these animals wouldn't have a place to go.
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